@@ bad moment@@

This is a sweet moment during i'm a alone when my family members go to work. while me at semester break. very2 veriaty of emotions playing in my mind. Usually when i'm alone in the home all the door must be locked, it is b'cos my home away from others houses and also neighbors's house.

The real story that i want to share is,,,,

yesterday, i. was washing the clothes.. then i heard somethg such someone call but not solute. Suddenly, i go to living house to make sure on what i heard just now,,

when i'm near with the main door.. shsssssss...... heard the sound of motorcycles go away from my house.

The things that i done is:
call my mummy :
mummy: Assalamualaikum, hello Along what hppnd to u dear, yr voice
had me worried now??

me: Walaikumussalam, mum i heard somthg that making me feel not confortble....( sambil aku terketar2 tangan)

mummy: wht u means with yr info??

me: i think that's person want to ensure whether the owner at de house or not during that time.. that same as yesterday....

mummy: let's me call yr dad first,, ok take care don't be panic. If they came back u call cik su... or call "pak ngah Mat"

me: ok,, thaks mum..

after a few minutes, my uncle came to my house to ensure my self safe. But, because no inform for him early i have scolded by him,,, hahahahaha,,, i'm so sorry uncle...... SORRYYY.....

p/s:::: ( very afraid b'cos last few days there with our neighbors had been robbed by two men on a motorcycle)


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